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Welding ultrasound machine
Welding ultrasound machine

Welding ultrasound machine

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Dakota's dfx 8 weld ultrasound detects weld defects.


Functions of the weld ultrasound machine:
1. Ultrasonic detection, detection and dimensioning of weld, metal defects
2. Measure the thickness of the material, the base metal without removing the paint or coating
3. Measure the thickness of the coating and coating
4. Weld ultrasound machine to assess defects in welds, cast metal is accepted or rejected in accordance with ASME 3, AWS D1.1, JIS G0587-87, ISO 5948-81, DIN EN1712-95 standards. , BSI 5500-94
Advantages of welding ultrasound machine, welding defects DFX8
- Dakota Ultrasonic has only 1 factory in America, not in China like many other brands.
- DAC curve drawing software, computer connection software, AWS D1.1 software, AVG / DGS software are available in the machine. Many other brands have to pay extra to purchase these software.
- The machine is sheathed in solid aluminum, weighing 3kg, not plastic
- Can use both rechargeable batteries and ordinary AA batteries (if damaged rechargeable batteries can be switched to AA batteries, many brands only have rechargeable batteries, wait for long replacement batteries to buy and replace them).
The screen of the weld ultrasound machine is very large compared to other machines of the same function on the market, easy to observe and manipulate.
- Stable when measuring, high accuracy.
- The durability of the machine is very high, usually damage occurs after 10 years or more.
Welding ultrasound machine includes details:
- Main weld ultrasound uses AC power and battery, 50 Hz ~ 60 Hz. LEMO connection type 00
- Rechargeable battery and battery charger
- Machine transport suitcase
- USB cable for connecting computers
- CD of DakView3 computer interface software
- Software integrated in the machine:
     Standard DAC curve drawing software
     + Software defect sizing AVG / DGS
     Weld inspection software according to American standard AWS D1.1
Defect probe, cable, calibrator selected for each specific purpose. Please contact us directly for advice on suitable accessories.
After-sale service:
- Training within 03 days at the workshop for free
- Get repaired with failures such as fire, falling into the water
- Instruction manual in Vietnamese
- Support use until the end of the life of the machine.
- Discount when buying spare parts.
- Free software updates for machines when there is an upgrade of the factory.

Thông số kỹ thuật

  • Thickness measuring range: 0.63mm ~ 3m
  • Sound speed: 256 ~ 16,000m / s
  • Receiving frequency range: 0.5 ~ 19 MHz
  • Screen: Color liquid crystal display, user can choose color and brightness combination, split or keep the screen.
  • Screen size: 115.2 x 86.4 mm
  • Screen resolution: 320 x 240 Pixels
  • Measuring unit: mm, inch, or ms
  • Standard Zero: 0 ~ 999,999 ms
  • Impulse measurement mode and transceiver
  • Display 2 measuring ports on the screen
  • Mode adjustment 2% pulse width, min 1ns, max 40ns
  • 8 ~ 2000Hz repetition frequency range, 8Hz repetition step
  • Sound gain is in the range: 0 ~ 110dB
  • Data storage: 4Gb
  • 10.8V lithium Ion rechargeable battery can be used for 18 hours continuously
  • Power supply: 100 ~ 240 VAC, 50 ~ 60 Hz
  • Transducer connection: LEMO 00
  • Connect peripherals via USB
  • Operable in explosive environments
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Finnish and the language requested by the customer.
  • Weight: 2.04kg
  • Dimensions: 216 x 165 x 70mm
  • Working temperature -200 C ~ 700 C, storage temperature -400 C ~ 750 C
  • Carrying suitcase is good shock resistance

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